1. maxisdrawing:



    This took a while.

    Umbreon is my favourite Eeveelution.

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  2. booleanearth:

    I think Nilesy’s picked up some tricks from his old friend Jorji Costava.

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  3. look at my sweet guns (x)

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  4. look at my sweet guns (x)

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  5. corgi-buttz:


    im following anyone that reblogs this.

    no, you don’t have to be following me and yes i will really follow you.

    doing this as an experiment then deleting this post at the end of summer.

    Hoping to be following over 10,000 blogs by the end of august :)

    I always have.

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  6. seinfelcl:

    how dumb is it that we’ve created words we arent supposed to use

    Shut the fuck up you buggering twat

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  10. dialupmodem:



    okay tumblr i have a game

    take this image and keep adding onto it




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  11. ipokemonmemes:

    What a fucking cockblock

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  12. hollyoakhill:

    This is what i spent a whole class doing

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    *Muffled Hat Films fandom in the distance*

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  15. 050614 - happy 34th birthday, the real guy, the best guy, chris lovasz! you’re hilarious, entertaining to watch, and a wonderful addition to the yogscast. thanks for listening to lewis when he told you to make a youtube channel or else we wouldn’t have the satisfaction to listen to your lego talk day in and day out - especially with the double whammies! i hope your day is spent with your family, eating a whole box of celebrations, rubbing dirt all over your body, or however you usually celebrate your birthday. have an amazing birthday, ya big son of a gun!!!

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